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Creating tailored-fit solutions to reduce your energy costs

Here at CH Energy Solutions, it is our ultimate goal to help you find the best energy management solutions suitable for your building.

We offer a free and comprehensive energy audit to come up with the right recommendations that will help your business cut energy costs and reduce emissions. One of our energy auditors will conduct a thorough examination of your establishment and put together a recommendation that will result in a cost-efficient electricity bill.

Why Choose to Work With Us

Full Turn-Key Energy Efficiency Solutions in Northern California


By looking at your energy needs through a holistic approach, we can provide effective, full-packaged solutions which can be easily implemented in your building.

Certified Technicians Energy Efficiency Solutions in Northern California


Our team consists of fully certified energy consultants who are capable of creating solutions to lower your electricity consumption without sacrificing the performance for the usage of reduced energy.

Energy Efficiency Solutions Servicing Northern California


Are you in Northern California or the surrounding areas? We offer support and maintenance services for all your energy management systems for commercial facilities.

How You Will Benefit From Our Services

No Required Capital For Energy Improvements

Many businesses do not have the upfront capital to fund energy efficiency upgrades. This problem prevents businesses like yours from achieving the dream of having a sustainable, energy-efficient facility. Our On-Bill Financing program helps you overcome these challenges. You do not need to make an upfront investment when we take on the project. On-Bill Financing is a type of loan made to a customer and the payments for the utility bill are made via the customer's monthly utility bill. Just set up a meeting with us and let's discuss the type of energy-efficient improvements that needs to be done and pay the project cost through your monthly utility bill.

Positive Impact On The Environment

The commercial building sector in Northern California is one of the biggest energy users in the country. From hospitals, hotels, schools and offices, these buildings are among the biggest producers of carbon emissions. Retrofitting your buildings and turning it into an energy-efficient facility will help you lower your carbon emissions and positively impact the environment. Running a business that doesn't harm the environment can help preserve the natural resources and can help you attract customers with similar values.

Long-term Cost Savings

One of the biggest misconceptions on energy efficient buildings is that it is just an added expense to the company's financials. While it is true that having an energy-efficient building may require a higher upfront cost, that is not the case with CH Energy. With our experienced energy consultants, our Free Energy Audit will identify the maximum savings potential through an in-depth analysis of the whole facility. Through this comprehensive analysis, CH Energy will design and make improvements on your building that will bring long-term saving.

Increased Productivity

When people work in a building that is well-ventilated and lit, they feel comfortable and inspired. Improving the energy efficiency of your building will lead to productivity gains. Increase in productivity will greatly influence the financial returns of the business. Studies also show that better light can improve the health and well-being of your workers and reduce sleepiness which makes them more sharp and focused in taking on their job responsibilities.

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Energy-efficient buildings play an important role in shaping sustainable cities. But most of the time, shifting to energy-efficient solutions for your building is not a priority.

Modern cities presents different challenges: poor urban planning, congestion, traffic, health hazards and expensive cost of living. With all these problems, most business do not prioritize the shift to energy-efficient solutions for their buildings. Efficient buildings provide greater financial and environmental rewards. If your building is energy-efficient, it will be more resilient in coping with unexpected rise of energy costs. While saving tons of money from having energy-efficient solutions, your building will also have a positive impact on the environment by significantly reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

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Identify Your Building’s Energy Saving Potential

At CH Energy Solutions, our experienced technical staff will conduct energy audits that help you realize opportunities for savings.

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      Are You a PG&E Customer?

      Are You the Owner or Decision Maker?