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Frequently asked questions


We service areas in all Northern California cities such as Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento, Oakland and San Jose.

We have a dedicated energy consultant who will oversee every project and will act as the point-of-contact whenever you have questions or concerns about the project.

Yes. CH Energy is open to work with other brands to help our customers find the best energy solution suitable for the project.

No. The project is to be financed utilizing PG&E’s Zero Percent On-Bill Financing program. You will repay through energy savings from your energy efficiency upgrade.

Loan payments are made through your PG&E bill. Your PG&E bill will stay the same because Energy Efficiency savings from the project will repay the loan.

Energy Efficiency savings are estimated savings based on the annual average energy use. PG&E does not guarantee the energy savings estimate or project performance and cannot reduce or extend loan terms at the Customer’s request. By the time the loan has been repaid, you will experience more savings on your bill.

Approximately 30 days after the loan check is issued to the contractor, the fixed monthly loan installment will appear on the Customer’s PG&E bill on the account specified on the loan agreement. The installment and remaining balance can be found on the “other programs and services” area of the bill. The loan installment will appear on the bill for the remainder of the loan term. The Customer is responsible for repayment of the entire agreed-upon loan amount in accordance with the Loan Agreement.

On-Bill Financing is a 0% interest loan for Energy Efficiency projects. Expected energy savings from improvements cover the loan repayment cost All loans are a line item on the Customer’s utility bills and repaid through monthly utility bills.