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HVAC Solutions
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Leverage Energy-efficiency And Comfort Through An Upgraded HVAC System

Running an old and inefficient HVAC system in your establishment is costly, uncomfortable and harmful to the environment.

Upgrading to a well-structured HVAC system is what you need to improve the energy-efficiency and improve building performance with minimal costs.

CH Energy provides comprehensive HVAC installation and upgrades that are suitable for your building requirements. Our highly-skilled HVAC technicians will install HVAC systems that can lower energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Choose to Work With Us

Full Turn-Key Energy Efficiency Solutions in Northern California


By looking at your energy needs through a holistic approach, we can provide effective, full-packaged solutions which can be easily implemented in your building.

Certified Technicians Energy Efficiency Solutions in Northern California


Our team consists of fully certified energy consultants who are capable of creating solutions to lower your electricity consumption without sacrificing the performance for the usage of reduced energy.

Energy Efficiency Solutions Servicing Northern California


Are you in Northern California or the surrounding areas? We offer support and maintenance services for all your energy management systems for commercial facilities.

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Energy-efficient Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial buildings generate 44% of energy from their HVAC systems. Imagine if your business’ HVAC equipment is old and outdated, this will mean a higher electricity bill and a potential hazard. With a qualified HVAC contractor like CH Energy, we can provide guidance on how to achieve the maximum cost-benefit value and you can upgrade your HVAC system without the upfront investment.

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