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On-Bill Financing

No Upfront Cost
For Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Zero Interest On-Bill Financing

On-bill financing programs are a great way for utility companies to help their customers invest in energy efficiency improvements for their facilities.

On-bill financing refers to a loan made to a utility customer, specifically a commercial building owner for the purpose of energy-efficiency improvements such as upgrading LED lighting solutions, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems. In return, the customer will repay the investment through a charge on their monthly utility bill.

Are there fees and interest applied to On-Bill Financing?

The loans offered by PG&E under OBF are interest free (0%) and free of any fees, prepayment penalties or other charges. The loan terms and conditions are set to provide simple payback from energy savings during the maximum allowed loan term and are calculated by dividing the loan amount (eligible project cost less qualified program incentives) by the estimated monthly energy cost savings resulting from the retrofit project. The ensuing number of monthly payments must not exceed the maximum loan term.

Are you ready to start energy-efficient improvements on your building?